How to get a stop sign ticket dismissed

How to get a stop sign ticket dismissed

Stop sign tickets are difficult to fight when you have to stand on your word against the officer's. Most judges will believe the officer in most cases. However, you have some options for fighting the ticket without questioning the credibility of the officer.

Generally, stop sign laws read something like this:

Before entering the crosswalk on the near side of an intersection, the driver of any vehicle approaching a stop sign at the entrance to an intersection, or in an intersection, should stop at the limit line, if it's marked. The driver shall stop at the intersection of the roadway or railroad grade crossing if there is no limit line or crosswalk.

A prosecutor has to prove to a jury that you committed the offense if you decide to go to trial. Generally, then, there must be proof of these three elements (what constitutes an offense):

  • When driving a vehicle, you approached a stop sign.
  • Located just before a railroad grade crossing or at the entrance to an intersection.
  • A crosswalk, intersection entrance, or limit line closest to you did not reach a complete stop.

In order to get a conviction, the government must prove that either you didn't stop or you stopped too late.

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