What is considered reckless driving in Washington State

What is considered reckless driving in Washington State

It is possible to drive recklessly while operating a motor vehicle in many ways. Unlawful driving occurs when a driver, whether intentionally or unintentionally, operates a vehicle in a manner that puts people or property at risk. Misdemeanors are usually charged with reckless behavior; however, charges can vary based on the degree to which the behavior caused destruction, injury or death.

It is reckless driving when a person or object is endangered. The following are some examples commonly seen:

  • Not obeying traffic signals or stop signs
  • Incoming traffic’s path is swung
  • Operating a motor vehicle on a sidewalk or another area that is not intended for motorized travel
  • Driving in an unsafe manner, including weaving, tailgating, and unsafe passing

A driver may not always be deemed reckless for speeding. In Washington State, exceeding the posted speed limit is punishable as such an offense when the driver exceeds 15 mph over the limit. Obtaining legal representation in such situations will help drivers navigate the system and fight charges on their behalf.

You should contact our reckless driving attorney immediately if you're facing reckless driving charges. You can count on them to represent you, offer advice, and reduce fines and other penalties on your behalf if need be.

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