How To Avoid Insurance Premiums From Rising After A Ticket In Washington State

How To Avoid Insurance Premiums From Rising After A Ticket In Washington State

Getting pulled over by a cop is the last thing that you look forward to. Perhaps you were speeding, failed to signal, or you were “suspicious” and caught the attention of a law enforcement officer. Next thing you know, you are handed a ticket. After you receive the ticket, you have two options: to pay the fine or to fight the ticket. Its decision might seem simple… Pay the fine and move on. However, paying the fine only proves your guilt, causing the ticket to go on your driving record and your car insurance premiums to sharply increase. According to's analysis, just one speeding ticket for between 1 and 14 miles per hour over the speed limit increases your insurance rates by an average of 11% per premium period. Other offenses led to larger increases, such as Reckless driving (22%), DUI first offense (19%), Driving without a license (18%), and Failure to stop (15%). Those were just averages, actual increases can vary widely; from a 10% to 120% increase for the same ticket from different insurance carriers.

Are there ways to avoid the long-term insurance effects of a traffic offense?

For all moving violations, the best way to avoid an insurance premium increase is to successfully contest the ticket. Hiring an experienced attorney can greatly increase your chances of successfully contesting the ticket. Our attorneys have a proven 99% success rate! We offer free consultations with our highly skilled collection of lawyers to ensure that you are getting what you need. Just remember, trying to fight a ticket on your own can be extremely difficult. Most drivers believe that when representing themselves, they can subdue the officers; however, that is never the case. The court will take the officer’s word over yours every single time. Our attorneys are trained to overturn accusations.

If you do end up paying the ticket, another option is to shop for a new insurance policy. Although you’ll still pay more than if you had a clean driving record, a different insurer can help you pay less.

Other options that you have:

  • 1. Increasing your deductible to decrease your premium.
  • 2. Taking advantage of any discounts your insurer might have such as drop collision, comprehensive coverages, the number of miles you drive in a year, or if you are a long-term customer.
  • 3. Taking a defensive driving class such as Driving 411 Defensive Driving Course.

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