How long Speeding Ticket stays on your record in Washington State

How long Speeding Ticket stays on your record in Washington State

Minor infractions, such as speeding tickets or running a stop sign, typically stay on your record for about three years, although the precise amount of time may vary by state for how long speeding ticket stay on your record.

For example, in Washington State, speeding tickets disappear after 5 years, but some states keep records of driving violations forever.

As insignificant as you think a traffic ticket may be, the reality is that it is not. These infractions can become very costly and a real headache if you don't pay proper attention to them.

While there are many fines that can get you in trouble and hurt your driving record for several years, it is probably the speeding ticket which could tarnish your record without you even knowing it.

The fines were created so that drivers would be punished for committing a traffic violation. This practice serves as a lesson for drivers to respect traffic regulations and not put the lives of other drivers or pedestrians in danger.

You should not forget that most traffic violations are misdemeanors, but if they are not dealt with in time, they can become a tremendous headache that can even result in felony charges.

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