Should you Hire a Lawyer for License Suspension

Should you Hire a Lawyer for License Suspension

Even though most of us consider driving to be a fundamental adult right, the privilege of possessing a driver's license is reserved for those who demonstrate an understanding and respect for the rules of the road. When drivers fail to follow those rules or act in a way that suggests a disregard for the safety of others, the state has the authority to suspend or revoke their license. Driving on a suspended license may appear to be a minor infraction, but it is a serious traffic offense.

If you were convicted of DUI, your driver's license was most likely revoked. It's also likely that you'll need your driver's license back as soon as possible in order to drive to work, attend court, and fulfill family obligations. Following this article will tell you how and why it is important for you to hire a lawyer for license suspension.

Learn Why You Need A Lawyer for License Suspension

Suspension of a driver's license is one of the most serious issues that people face after being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or another traffic violation. An arrest can result in your license being suspended, limiting your ability to drive again.

Consultation from attorneys for a suspended license will help assist with license reinstatement and it’s the best way to deal with a license revocation so that you can get back behind the wheel legally as soon as possible. Your license could have been revoked or suspended for a variety of reasons. You do not have to assume that the revocation is the final word on the subject.

Remember all of the crucial details about when you were pulled over on the side of the road, so you can consult with a traffic lawyer. The attorney for your suspended license will be able to argue your case based on whether you getting pulled over was justified and within legal parameters, as well as whether all necessary procedures were followed after your vehicle was stopped.

If you've received a notice about your license suspension and do not follow up within the next 10 days, your driving license will most likely be suspended automatically. Hiring a lawyer for license suspension will become mandatory in this case.

The length of your license suspension can vary depending on the severity of your violation. Some of the most serious yet familiar causes of license suspension are as follows:

  • Driving a car without insurance is illegal.
  • Drinking while under the age of 21
  • Failure to notify a traffic officer of an accident
  • Vandalism
  • Arrest following a DUI
  • evading drug tests
  • Absence from the court hearing
  • Failure to pay for the damage or compensation

If you received a ticket while driving without a license, you can still rely on the lawyers for driver's license suspension to help you get through the situation and to regain your license. Suppose:

If you are arrested for DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and refuse to take a blood or breath test, you may face a 180-day suspension of your driver's license. If, on the other hand, you took the test but violated the traffic rules, you could face a 90-day suspension without your license. A driver's license attorney can assist you in obtaining an occupational driver's license. You will be able to drive even during your suspension period if you obtain an occupational driving license.

When a person drives a vehicle while their license is suspended or invalid, they are charged with DWLS (Driving While License Suspended) or DWLI (Driving While License Invalid).

Steps Of How Lawyers Get Back Your Suspended license

Steps Of How Lawyers Get Back Your Suspended license

An attorney for suspended licenses may be able to help you get your license reinstated depending on the reason for your license suspension and the traffic ticket laws in your area. However, an attorney cannot solve the problem; if your license is suspended, there is a reason for it, and you must address that reason. A lawyer can assist you in exploring all of your options for dealing with it and developing a strategy to give you the best chance of reinstatement. The first thing your lawyer will do is figure out who you need to appeal to, to have your license reinstated. A driver's license may be suspended by either a court or the DMV. The main distinction is that a DMV administrative suspension is frequently automatic. In other words, if you are arrested for DUI or reckless driving in some states, the DMV will automatically revoke your license. You can request an administrative hearing to argue why that shouldn't happen, but the license is still initially suspended due to the law's automatic operation.

Once your lawyer has determined whether the DMV or the court suspended your license, they will assist you in determining what steps you should take to reclaim it. In general, you have a few choices here:

Step 1: You can get to the bottom of whatever is causing the suspension. For example, if your license was suspended because you did not pay for your traffic tickets, you can pay for all those tickets and then apply for reinstatement. You can regain your license by demonstrating that you paid the traffic tickets and all required reinstatement fees.

Step 2: You can wait out the suspension by fulfilling any requirements necessary to reclaim it. For example, suppose you are convicted of a DUI. In that case, you may be required to perform community service, attend drug/alcohol counseling, obtain specialized car insurance, or have your license suspended for a specified period of time.

Step 3: You can apply for a restricted license if you are experiencing financial hardship. If you are unable to wait out the suspension period, you may be able to request a limited license. This license allows you to drive only in certain areas and will only be granted if you can demonstrate that the suspension is a genuine hardship.

A lawyer can help you examine your options for getting your driver's license back and can help you to decide which of these choices is best, given your circumstances.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer For the Traffic Violation Law

Getting a traffic ticket is not a good experience, but most people have received one or more than one in their lives. While most people simply pay the ticket and move on, it may be worthwhile to hire a traffic lawyer to fight your ticket. Many people are given tickets when they do not necessarily deserve them. For example, you may have received a speeding ticket when you were simply keeping up with the flow of traffic. Perhaps, you received a parking ticket for backing into a parking space when the sign was not posted anywhere. If you fight the ticket, whether it was your fault or not, you have a good chance of having it removed from your record. However, as you are not likely to know the best way to fight your traffic ticket, it is a wonderful idea to appoint a lawyer to do so for you. Whether it was their fault or not, nine out of ten people will pay the ticket, but that doesn't mean you have to be one of them. Getting a traffic ticket can raise your insurance rates, result in hefty fines, and harm your driving record. As you can see, it may be worthwhile to hire a lawyer to fight for you to have your ticket dismissed. There are several ways in which having a lawyer on your side can benefit you as a lawyer works as your ticket fighter.

1. You Don't Understand Traffic Rules

Sure, traffic laws aren't the most difficult to understand, but that doesn't mean that everyone can. If you've broken a traffic law, now is not the time to start looking into the specific direction and the potential consequences. You'll be too shaken to comprehend anything.

Hiring a traffic lawyer, on the other hand, ensures that you are represented by a knowledgeable professional who is well-versed in federal laws as well as state and local traffic codes. The lawyer has most likely spent several years defending clients in traffic court, so you'll feel comfortable having them on your side. They will assess the evidence against you, identify flaws, and fight the ticket aggressively on your behalf.

Can you imagine fighting alone in a court of law cross-examining a police officer? That's impossible! A traffic lawyer can question the officer in order to raise a reasonable doubt about your guilt.

2. Get Alternative Discipline

The majority of traffic offenders are usually found to be innocent until proven guilty.

While hiring a lawyer increases your chances of receiving a reduced penalty, this is not always the case. There is little that a lawyer can do if the prosecutor has substantial evidence against you. However, depending on your record, a competent lawyer may be able to negotiate an alternative discipline.

Attending driving or traffic school is a popular alternative to a fine or suspended license! Going back to school is not an engaging prospect, but would you rather lose your license or pay expensive fines?

3. Save Money

The cost of hiring a lawyer is one of the primary reasons that traffic violators do not do so. They frequently mistakenly believe that paying a fine or serving a probationary period is less expensive than hiring an attorney.

It is true that routine violations do not necessitate the services of a lawyer, especially if you are a first-time offender. However, if you've committed a serious offense, you shouldn't fight the charge on your own to save money. You might finish up wasting even more money.

4. Decreased Premium

When you are accused of breaking traffic laws, insurance companies usually raise your insurance premium. When you are penalized for a traffic violation or pay a fine for a speeding ticket, your insurance company will ask you to pay a higher premium. Appointing the services of a traffic lawyer in such a case will help you in negotiating with the insurance company to lower the insurance rates.

5. Clean Image

With a lost license, no one can obtain a satisfactory job, and if someone is already employed, they may lose their job due to the loss of their license. As a result, attorneys are well aware of this fact and work competently to remove the accusation and dismiss the ticket while also attempting to reduce the penalty amount and points to a satisfactory level.

6. Collection Of Evidence

If you choose to contest the traffic authorities' action against you, you will only be successful if you present proper evidence. Traffic attorneys are trained to collect extensive evidence for various traffic violations. Because of their experience in this industry, they can quickly gain access to crucial evidence that you might spend hours trying to figure out.

7. Changes the Judge's Opinion

It follows that innocent people are more likely to be innocent. The majority of people who know they did what the ticket says they did will either pay the ticket or appear in court in the hopes that the police officer does not appear. However, if you hire a lawyer because you are so invested in your case, the court is more likely to believe you are innocent. As a result, whether you are guilty or not, having a lawyer for license suspension on your side may make the judge more likely to rule in your favor.

What Qualities Should A Lawyer Have To Get Your Suspended License Back?

The lawyers are always proven to be your ticket fighters, so they should have specific qualities, which are as follows.

1. Good Communication Skills

Lawyers must be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and be good listeners. Good public speaking skills are required to argue persuasively in front of juries and judges in the courtroom. Participating in activities such as mooting or general public speaking can help you develop your communication and speaking skills while studying. Lawyers must be able to write concisely and clearly in order to produce a wide range of legal documents, so when your lawyer is fighting your case to get back your suspended license, they should have better communication skills.

2. Must Do Research

Understanding your clients, their needs and preparing legal strategies all requires the ability to conduct rapid and practical research.

Preparing legal strategies necessitates absorbing and comprehending large amounts of information, then distilling it down into something manageable and helpful, so your lawyer must research while fighting for your license suspension.

3. Analytical Skill

Both the practice and study of law require a large amount of information to be absorbed and then distilled into something manageable and logical. There may be more than one reasonable conclusion or precedent applicable to resolving a situation at any given time. As a result, a lawyer must have evaluative skills to select the best option. A lawyer will analyze how you will get your suspended license back.


It is never your intention as a law-abiding citizen to break a traffic law. However, circumstances beyond our control can sometimes land us in legal trouble.

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