10 Proven Methods for dismissing a traffic ticket

10 Proven Methods for dismissing a traffic ticket

No matter how good a driver or great car parker you are, you are most likely to get a traffic ticket eventually. Statistically speaking, approximately 1 in 25 drivers have been issued a speeding ticket in the United states alone in their lifetime of driving.

After a good day with friends, you walk back to your car and see that dreadful parking ticket tucked under the windshield of your car and suddenly all you can think about is how you’ll be managing it with all those extra expenses you have.

Well, you are at the right place because if you are someone who’s looking to fight a ticket, here are a few approaches you should consider doing which will not only help you avoid the ticket, but also dismissing the ticket and keeping you away from court.

At the end of this article, you will learn how to get out of a speeding ticket, a parking ticket, and how to fight in a courtroom regarding the ticket that you have received. Keep reading!

1. Avoiding a parking ticket:

One of the few ways to avoid having to go to court is avoiding the ticket at all costs. Even though you might be in a hurry to rush into that meeting at work, or your sons waiting at school and you quickly want to go in or a good sale at your favorite store has begun and you just want to rush in. At this point, you should stop for a few minutes and follow a few sets of rules to avoid getting a ticket.

  • First and foremost, as soon as you park your vehicle look around and search for any signs stating that parking at that time of day is not permitted. In such situations, you’ll have to start your car and find a different parking spot.
  • There are quite a few places in the city where parking is metered, for this you need to make sure that you make payments as instructed and don’t overstay.
  • To ease people who are using various parking spots, few apps have developed in today’s time where you can easily access and keep a check on your time so you know when to go back.

2. Why the Usage of Parking apps is effective these days:

You can avoid the parking ticket in the first place by parking your car in the right space with the help of your smartphone. These parking apps can prove to be highly effective to avoid parking tickets. Living in Washington and hoping to find a spot for yourself at a busy time? Well here’s a few applications that you can use to get cheap and good parking options.

Now that we have covered a few ways to help you avoid a traffic ticket, let's work on traffic ticket dismissal and learn the few kinds of tickets that you can get. Keep Scrolling!

 Educate yourself regarding different kinds of traffic tickets

3. Educate yourself regarding different kinds of traffic tickets:

When anyone around you discusses traffic tickets, what automatically comes to your mind is a speeding ticket, but did you know that there are a few other kinds of tickets that you can get. Some fall under the minor tickets category and others fall under the major ticket category. Let’s read further and understand the kinds of tickets:

  • Speeding Ticket:

    Beginning with the most popular type of traffic ticket, this ticket is most commonly received by quite a few people. Maybe you are also one of them. Now when driving down a road or on a lane on the highway, you’ll observe different speed signs showing the speed limit or an increase or decrease in speed. If by chance you cross these speed limits by being in a hurry or rushing, you will likely be charged and will have to pay the fine.
  • Avoid driving distractions:

    During driving the commonly known distractions are using your mobile phones, texting somebody, eating instead of paying attention to the road, receiving calls, and any other sort of activity that requires your attention is considered to be finable. Some states don't even allow individuals to answer their phone calls while driving and there advised to stop their car somewhere to answer the call and then continue driving. All these measures are taken to maintain safety because if someone ends up getting hurt due to your distraction, then you will be penalized.
  • No license:

    All around the globe, it’s allowed to drive a vehicle only if you have a government-issued license. If you have no license and you end up committing a crime such as killing a person in an accident, then you will need a lawyer to defend you in court because it’ll become serious. If your license has expired and you have applied for a new one, make sure you keep a proof document stating otherwise so if any authority pulls you over, you can let them know the facts and show them proof to avoid a fine.
  • Avoid leaving a scene of the crime:

    If unfortunately, you have become a part of an illegal accident and decide to run away to save yourself, then you should remember that this act could be considered ‘hit and run’ in court and could get you in more trouble even if you are innocent. With this fact given, it is best to stay at the scene of the crime until a local authority arrives and then actions in favor or against you will be taken.
  • Running a stop sign or red light:

    When reading this, you’ll probably think that it’s not a major issue but remember failing to stop will cost you a ticket on your record and a fine that needs to be paid. In some cases, running a red light or a stop sign causes major issues like an accident, so instead of getting yourself into some major trouble, you should follow traffic rules and you’ll be set and away from any fines and tickets.

Now that you finally have an idea regarding different tickets that are given in various situations, let's read further to find out how one can easily dismiss a traffic ticket without having to worry about fighting in court or a hefty fine. Keep scrolling!

Now, you know well about the traffic ticket and what not to do. Let’s discuss how to get a ticket dismissed in court.

4. Showing up in court is crucial to get your ticket dismissed:

To have the verdict in your favor, you need to show up in court and there may be a chance that you might get lucky. You’re probably thinking about how to get my traffic ticket dismissed in court?

Here’s how the driver of the car and the officer who’s written the ticket are both important and need to be present at the time of the traffic trial. Now in quite a few situations, the officers may have a duty somewhere and are not able to reach the trial, leading in such cases you’ll have easily and luckily gotten a way out! Sometimes, appealing for a different date than the officer also saves you and if the officer doesn’t show up, the judge dismisses your ticket in court and you can walk out without any loss.

5. Demonstrating an error on your traffic ticket:

First and foremost, check the ticket and see if the officer has written the correct time and model of your car. If you find any information to be incorrect, calling the traffic emergency number is the quickest way to ensure you’re secure and can help you in the dismissal of your traffic ticket.

You're most likely to get your traffic ticket dismissed if the police officer makes any major error during your trial. If the police officer turns out to omit important information related to the ticket not found inconsistent in testimony, your traffic ticket will get dismissed in court.

Quick Tips to help speed up the ticket dismissal process:

  • Listen to everything the officer says and do take notes
  • Point out potential inconsistencies in testimony
  • Ask to see the officer’s notes to check discrepancies between them and his/her testimony.

6. Speeding for a reason can get your ticket dismissed:

Another way to get your ticket dismissed in court is by fighting and supporting your case. How can that be done? Well, it’s quite simple. Sometimes, people end up getting a speeding ticket and keep on wondering how to get out of their speeding ticket situation in court. Well, we’ll easily explain to the judge the reason you were speeding. It could be possible that you had an ill person in the car who had to be rushed to the hospital to get immediate care, in such cases the justification can fall under the category of necessary defense. This way you can easily get away from a speeding ticket.

7. Acceptance of mistakes:

Another way to get your ticket dismissed in court is to come out and accept your wrongdoing. For instance, it might be possible that you may have missed the stop sign due to a crowd or maybe a tree in the middle. Explain the situation to the judge and it could be that your honesty and reasonability contribute towards the judge letting you go and accepting your mistake hence dismissing your ticket.

8. How to contest a parking ticket effectively in the courtroom:

When receiving your ticket, make sure to look through it and check every detail possible. Call customer care and find out when the contested hearing is taking place.

If you believe that the ticket you have received is unjust, you can fight for your parking ticket in court by explaining it to the judge and making him/her understand your circumstances. In case of being late, you will be fined and your license will be suspended.

9. Challenging the observation of the present officer:

In some cases of traffic violations, there is a chance that the officer can be challenged because their observations at the time weren't precise. For instance, in cases of running a stop sign or a red light, the criminal violation is bound to the officer attesting or giving evidence that he/she, himself/herself saw you run the light which will get you in trouble.

But at the same time if you challenge the officer and somehow come up with a counterargument explaining how the officer was quite far too even notice the traffic rule violation, it might be a way to be able to dismiss your ticket and you’ll walk out free without having to pay any fine.

10. Call the traffic ticketing agency:

Here is a tip on how to fight a speeding ticket without going to court. After receiving a traffic ticket, immediately call the given number at the back of the ticket and file a complaint against it.

During the call, the inspector will expect an explanation from your side, but make sure this call is placed within 20 days to make your case effective. If somehow you manage to get your violation to be disapproved then your ticket will be waived and you won’t have to pay a fine.

Bottom Line:

Through out this article, you have probably gained knowledge regarding different traffic tickets and how you can even slip through them and easily get your traffic ticket dismissed.

You have probably understood how to rest your case in court and have developed ways to dismiss your ticket. Even though traffic tickets include various fines and penalties, getting it dismissed can be simple with all the information provided in this article.

So make sure you follow the law and you will easily avoid any tickets and fines. Continue driving safe and ticket free!

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