How to keep a Speeding Ticket off your Insurance

How to keep a Speeding Ticket off your Insurance

The best way to avoid adding a speeding ticket to your insurance is to learn how not to step on the lead pedal. Your insurance company may raise your premium if you receive too many speeding tickets or too many points on your license.

Make an appointment for traffic school. It is possible to avoid points on your driving record by attending traffic school. Initial costs are higher since you must pay the ticket fine, traffic school fees, and costs, but long term costs are lower because of the reduced insurance rates.

The case has been set for trial. Bet the police officer won't attend the court case. The judge will dismiss your case if the officer fails to appear and the case cannot be proven.

In the event you have a strong defense, you should set the case for trial. Trials are not guaranteed to be won. If there are witnesses, gather them together and bring them to trial with you. After the officer has testified, ask him questions. Examine the differences between his testimony and what you believe happened during the stop. Find out how the ticket came about through the testimony of your witnesses. Make sure you know how fast you where driving. In most cases, the judge will deliver their decision that day.

You should hire an attorney. An experienced traffic attorney knows most prosecuting attorneys and how to best defend each case. The risk of having a ticket on your insurance may be higher, but if keeping it off is important, then this option may be your best choice.

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