What you should now about Red Light Cameras

What you should now about Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras have been installed at dangerous intersections over the past year, triggering thousands of violations each day. Hundreds of car owners receive tickets in the mail for traffic violations they did not commit.

Debate is also raging over the safety of red light cameras. While cameras are credited with reducing the number of front and side impact crashes and the resulting serious injuries that generally come with that type of crash, cameras can also cause more rear-end collisions. Proponents of red light cameras argue that rear-end collisions are typically less serious and that the cameras help deter more serious crashes.

How to fight red light camera ticket and how it works?

How do red light cameras work? Cameras installed at dangerous intersections continuously monitor traffic. Intersections are chosen due to a history of past traffic accidents caused by red light runners resulting in serious injuries. Sensors located just before the crosswalk or traffic stop line are coordinated with the traffic lights; and, depending on the system installed, a series of photos and videos captures the offending vehicle before it enters the intersection and follows its progression through the intersection.

The cameras record the date, time of day, vehicle speed and license plate.

It is standard practice for law enforcement agencies for one or more officers to review the photos and video before issuing a subpoena. Only those who clearly violate the traffic sign receive citations that are mailed to the owner of the vehicle.

Red light violations

Red light violations occur when a vehicle enters the intersection after the signal has turned red. Drivers are violating the law if they fail to stop completely before turning at intersections, allowing them to turn right on red. Motorists who are inadvertently at an intersection when the light turns red are not considered red-light runners.

Of course, the easiest way to avoid an appointment is to skip a red light and make sure to stop before the crosswalk or traffic stop line. Also, be sure to come to a complete stop before turning right on red at a sign.

Know the location of red light cameras and avoid intersections or be very careful to avoid turning on the light when it turns red.

How to fight red light camera ticket

How to fight red light camera ticket?

So, you just got a ticket in the mail. What will you do next? You have two options: pay the ticket or fight the ticket in court. Red light camera law allows violators to mail in $158. No entry will be made on your driver's license.

However, if you believe the citation was issued in error, you were not driving your vehicle at the time, or you feel the ticket is unfair, you can fight it in court. The proliferation of red light cameras has also been met with a proliferation of lawyers who will take your "case" before a judge for a fee. Just search the internet for a red light attorney in your area. The outcome depends on a judge's attitude towards the cameras and whether he or she feels the law has been fairly administered.

The first step in fighting a red light camera ticket is to view the photos and videos. In most cases, the vehicle owner will receive the tickets in the mail along with the photos and a web address to view the videos. Reading the state law pertaining to red light cameras is also important, as the available defenses will depend on what the law says about how to fight red light camera tickets.

How to fight speed camera ticket?

Getting a red light camera ticket does not always mean you will have to pay a fine, especially if you don't think the ticket is fair. For example, if the photo isn't yours, or if it's too blurry to be sure, you can usually avoid paying the fine. Also, if the red light camera warning sign is not easy to see, you may be able to fight the fine as the sign is supposed to be visible to all traffic. Finally, if you suspect that the yellow light is unusually short, your ticket may be rejected, as this may result in insufficient time to stop before the red light appears. In most cases, it is recommended that you speak with an attorney to find out if you have a strong case.

The ticket is generally supposed to include a clear photo of both your face and your license plate. If the image of your face is too blurry for others to positively identify you, your red light camera ticket may be rejected in court, as this is one of the most common reasons for a judge to dismiss a ticket. If you are unsure whether to object to the fine based on this technicality, you should visit the police department to find out if the original photo is as blurry as your copy, as this is the evidence that will likely be used in court. Of course, if you know that the photo is not you, since a friend or relative borrowed your vehicle, you can inform the court. Please note that in most jurisdictions, you do not need to reveal the identity of the person in the photo.

The majority of people do not know how to fight a speed camera ticket, which means finding ways to undermine the evidence against you. Radar technology used by an officer can be questioned for its accuracy. When you prove the radar gun the officer used in your case wasn't calibrated, a judge may throw out the evidence.

When you get a ticket due to a speed camera, you might be able to argue that the camera was not clearly marked under state law. You could also argue that the camera shouldn't have been in that location at all. All of this sounds like a lot of work, and it is. Nevertheless, help is available.

Here are some steps you can take for how to fight a speed camera ticket yourself, the process is time consuming but can be done or you can always hire a traffic ticket attorney.

1. Be courteous and cooperative when detained. Being belligerent or outraged may make you feel better, but it may cost you more. By being courteous and cooperative, the officer can simply write your ticket for a less costly offense rather than what was actually committed and, hopefully, you could get a warning! On the other hand, if it is rude or abrupt, the officer may notice this and prosecutors are less likely to come to an agreement if it goes to court.

2. Don't admit guilt and don't fabricate excuses or provide outlandish stories. You need only reply with a polite "I don't know, officer, why I was detained." when asked why you were detained. Keep in mind that honesty is the best policy, especially when you prefer to leave with a simple caveat. On the other hand, if you get the ticket and decide to contest it, remember that any admission you make now can be used against you later.

3. Follow one of the two theories about how you interrogate the officer. Adopt the "low-key" technique. Ask the officer if you can handle the ticket by mail. The officer will immediately see it as a low probability of going to court and may take fewer notes. When you challenge the fine, the officer's few notes will make you want to skip the hearing. If you attend the hearing, your meager grades and your memory will help the judge decide in your favor. On the other hand, if you question the officer, he will write bulky notes during the traffic stop.

Alternatively, ask the officer more directly, as the ticket is issued, about how the crime was detected and verified. Learn what speed measuring device they used when they booked a speeding ticket, whether it was a laser, radar, or Accutrac. Be sure to include the serial number of the device. However, if the officer calculated your speed by following you, find out what the location was when you started following. Make sure you note the patrol car's license plate number and your license plate number. If someone stopped you for something that was not readily visible, make sure to understand why if it wasn't just for speeding. This information does not have to be provided by the officer when the stop occurs. You can request this information by filing a motion of discovery and then you will get that information.

How to get a red light camera ticket dismissed?

There are multiple strategies for contesting a red light ticket, the details of which depend on the circumstances. If you are fined by an officer and don’t know how to get a red light camera ticket dismissed, an attorney will identify and exploit the weaknesses in the case against you. The court must dismiss your case if the prosecutor cannot prove the essentials.

Your red light ticket attorney may also present evidence and testimony regarding your version of events.

For camera-based red light tickets, there are also ways to contest the images. The device may have malfunctioned or not been properly maintained. If there is a technical problem, the court must discard the images and there will be no evidence to show that you violated the law. Also, cameras don't always capture clear images.

You may have a defense if it is not obvious that you were driving the vehicle.

Hire the best red light ticket attorney to protect your interests

When looking for an attorney to defend you, you certainly want the best red light ticket attorney with high qualifications and know how to get a red light camera ticket dismissed. Most red light ticket attorneys do not focus exclusively on helping drivers with traffic tickets, but there are some who say they can help. The Ticket Law Firm, MyTicketDismissed, can help you with a variety of legal issues, including:

Knowledge: Our attorneys know the red light traffic ticket laws, the rules of procedure, the process, and what works to defend your interests. Much of our knowledge comes from our meticulous understanding of Washington statutes, but we are also in court almost every day.

Experience: Our attorneys have spent over 15 years representing clients in traffic violation cases, including defending red light tickets. We are proud to have saved thousands of driver’s money, driving record points, and other unfortunate consequences. It's one thing to have a law degree, but experience matters when it comes to red light tickets.

Focus: We stand behind our name, Ticket Law Firm focusing on defending red light tickets and traffic tickets. We exclusively handle these types of cases, which allows us to focus on them without being distracted by other law areas. General practice attorneys may have extensive legal skills, but they do not have the focused aptitude that is necessary to fight red light tickets.

Personalized Attention: When you hire our firm, you will deal primarily with our attorneys. We pride ourselves on offering personalized representation, so we will rarely refer your calls or messages to a paralegal or other member of our team. Our clients stand behind us as they have given our company 4.5 out of 5 stars from various online review sources.

Fines for running a red light can hurt your wallet and impact your driving privileges, but there are ways to combat allegations. For more information contact MyTicketDismissed, the traffic ticket law firm, to schedule a free case evaluation or visit us online to schedule your appointment with a red light ticket attorney. We can explain your defense options after reviewing the details of your case.

If you have any questions or need help with your Traffic Ticket, DUI, DWI, Criminal Case, Auto Accident or any other related questions, just give us a call at 425-278-9922 or email us at ken@myticketdismissed.com.

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