Dui cases dismissed in Washington State

Dui cases dismissed in Washington State

Washington State considers driving under the influence a major offense. Its drunk driving laws are the strictest in the nation, and its DUI convictions cost the highest in the nation. A conviction for DUI might entail jail time or home monitoring, fines and community service, classes, interlock devices, and possible license suspensions, even for first-time offenders. A DUI will cause you to pay more for your insurance.

DUI is a serious offense and you shouldn't plead guilty!

The importance of driving to our everyday lives is often underestimated. Driving is the primary way we commute to work, run errands, socialize, and take vacations. One's lifestyle can be hindered by a DUI conviction. It may seem simple, but driving under the influence is not as simple as it seems. DUI components in Washington include the following:

Driving a motor vehicle in the state of Washington and being in actual physical control of the vehicle, AND;

1. When a driver has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) greater than.08 within 2 hours of being in physical control of the vehicle.

2. Possessing an intoxicating substance or substance with a drug effect; the offense must occur in a specific place and in a specific date within the State of Washington.

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