What is a CLC Lawyer

What is a CLC Lawyer

Under the Legal Services Act, the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) regulates the activities of Licensed Conveyancers. In addition, they regulate Licensed Probate Practitioners. As of 2011, the CLC regulates about 4% of all authorized persons.

The CLC regulates businesses that provide conveyancing, probate, or both services. 5% of the legal sector's legal organizations are regulated by them. They regulate sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLPs, and limited liability companies. Some of these practices provide specialized services as part of a larger group structure (such as a combination of legal, financial, and/or professional services).

CLC-regulated practices cannot provide contentions services. We are dealing with work that may result in a dispute. In addition, they set the education and training standards for the profession alongside SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority).

CLC Lawyers specialize in property law in two different ways. They are both highly qualified, professional specialists:

  • The legal aspects of buying and selling property in England and Wales are handled by licensed conveyancers.
  • An estate's legal administration is undertaken by an estate practitioner.

Our Lawyers are also Commissioners for Oaths, which means they have legal authority to administer and witness official documents, such as affidavits to swear that statements are true. As well as signing your passport, they can sign your photo.

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