How to get out of a Speeding Ticket in Court

How to get out of a Speeding Ticket in Court

Speeding tickets are not something anyone wants to receive. If you are convicted of speeding, your license could be suspended and your insurance rates could increase. As well as a fine, you will be required to pay court fees. Speeding tickets can be avoided or at least reduced in severity.

A ticket that you decide to fight will require you to appear in court in order to prove that you were not speeding. Unless you prepare for the hearing, chances are it won't go your way. Gather all the evidence you can to prove to the court that you did not speed, such as GPS data or photographic evidence that a speed limit sign was hidden or obscured. When you were alleged to have committed a speeding violation, arrange for the passenger to be your witnesses in court. Write down some questions you want to ask the issuance officer, making sure you focus on areas where she can strengthen your case, such as her memory and training with speed clocks.

If your ticket results from a criminal offense like driving with a suspended license, you should consider hiring a local traffic ticket attorney.

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