Fighting a DUI case

Fighting a DUI case

A driver charged with DUI, DWI, or even a refusal to submit to a DUI or DWI test for the first time must understand that proven methods are available for fighting and beating the case. Confusion and overwhelm are normal feelings, but the first thing you need to realize is that defending DUI & DWI charges can be technical and complex.

The driver's rights, the testing procedures, and technical requirements are also strong defenses that most people are unaware of. If a person pleads guilty before having the arrest details examined online by us, he may lose his chance to beat and dismiss the charges.

Once we know what happened in the initial details of an arrest, the next step is to request and examine police evidence. There must be a thorough analysis of every aspect of the traffic stop and arrest, from the police report to the technical specifications of the breathalyzer or blood test machine, to eliminate any errors that might have occurred. We review every angle of an arrest, so that if there are strong options for defense, we will assist with finding them.

It can be stressful and overwhelming to fight DUI charges. A person may also ask any questions or express concerns, and we will discuss all the options to win the case completely.

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