How to Fight a Camera Speeding Ticket in dc

How to Fight a Camera Speeding Ticket in dc

The fine and/or penalty should not be paid if you are contesting a camera speeding ticket in DC. If you have already paid a fine and/or penalty on a ticket, you cannot contest the fine or penalty.

You have 60 days to contest parking tickets and photo enforcement tickets online. A fine matching the original fine amount will have been added if you contest the ticket between 31 and 60 calendar days after it was issued, or mailed, in the case of a ticket issued by photo enforcement, and you should address both the original fine and the late penalty in your statement.

You are responsible for parking tickets and photo enforcement tickets issued to your rental car. If you receive one while driving your rental vehicle. Rental car agreements stipulate that a rental party must pay all tickets while using the vehicle. Washington DMV has discovered that some rental car companies settle ticket(s) automatically and charge customers for the fine plus administrative fees. If you pay a ticket, the adjudication process concludes once that ticket has been adjudicated, regardless of whether the ticket is still being adjudicated. This process is within the rights of the company renting out the vehicle to the customer.

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