What is a Citation Police

What is a Citation Police

Citations are directives by law enforcement or other authorities to appear in court to answer misdemeanor or infraction charges.

When it is issued. A police officer may issue a citation to anyone who he believes has committed a misdemeanor or infraction.

The contents. Citations must comply with the following:

  • (1) Identify the crime charged, including the date, and, where material, identify the property and persons involved;
  • (2) Name and address of the person cited, or other identification if that is not possible;
  • (3) Identify the officer who issued the citation; and
  • (4) Request that the person to whom it is issued appear in a designated court on a specified date and time.

It is the officer's duty to certify delivery of the citation, which shall be filed with the clerk, if the cited person refuses to sign. If the person cited fails to sign the citation, he will not be arrested nor will he have to post a bond. If a citation is issued for a parking offense, a copy shall be given to the operator of the vehicle if the operator is present, or to the registered owner of the vehicle if the operator is not present by attaching a copy of the citation to the vehicle.

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