How to Avoid Insurance Premiums from increasing after a Ticket in Washington State

How to Avoid Insurance Premiums from increasing after a Ticket in Washington State

In order to determine the right rate for you, auto insurance agencies look primarily at your driving record. You can think of an accident involving a lot of traffic violations as a risk to your insurance company, and that costs them money.

Generally, the more traffic offenses on your record, especially severe offenses, the more you end up paying for your insurance, but it's difficult to predict exactly how much a ticket will increase your insurance premium.

One violation has resulted in insurance premiums being raised by 20-30% for the entire year. It will stay on your record for at least three years, so multiply the cost by three years.

Don't admit guilt when you receive a ticket if you are concerned about the consequences on your car insurance rates. In this case, the ticket cannot be contested in court.

Despite what people may think, signing a ticket doesn't mean you agree to the charge, but paying the fine means you admit guilt. Paying a traffic ticket shouldn't be done until you have decided not to contest it in court.

For those who are undecided about contesting their ticket, how much the increase in their insurance rates will be may determine whether or not to contest the ticket.

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