How to get a Ticket Dismissed for wrong information

How to get a Ticket Dismissed for wrong information

The opening phrase we often hear from clients is, “I got a ticket and the officer wrote down the wrong information so I want the ticket dismissed.” That question is what drives this thread – Does wrong information on the ticket get my case automatically dismissed? The answer is sometimes if the error is also found on other supporting documents needed to establish a traffic offense. If you received a traffic ticket, contact us to go over your case and let an experienced attorney review the information for you to ensure you get the best outcome possible.

Further, prosecutors have the ability to amend defects in the complaint. Going to the court and saying, “The citation is wrong” only alerts them that the complaint must be amended so that they have an accurate case against you. So there is a strategy and timing issue related to bringing up defects in tickets and complaints. Do you tell them immediately only to have them amend the defect? Or do you wait until trial so that they cannot fix it? This really depends on the court and the prosecutor. We have had plenty of prosecutors say, “I’ll just dismiss this case and refile a proper complaint if you force me to dismiss based on a bad ticket/complaint.” This is perfectly within their right as well. With those prosecutors, we save the defect for trial. If the defect is jurisdictional or based on constitutional violations and you do not bring up the issue, you can also waive your right to bring up the defect.

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