How to get out of a Speeding Ticket

How to get out of a Speeding Ticket

In an effort to keep up with the traffic, you are cruising at 10 miles over the speed limit. Suddenly, you see flashing lights in your rearview mirror, and you think you're simply going with the flow of traffic.

Your $325 speeding ticket arrives in an instant. Paying a fine doesn't eliminate the headache from dealing with a traffic ticket. As soon as your driving record is marked with points, your insurance company could charge you up to 30% more for the next three years.

You should use every legal means at your disposal to minimize your fine and, crucially, to prevent it from affecting your insurance rates whether you're guilty or not. You may face a 10% increase in your insurance premium for the next three years based on the infraction and your driving record. There is still more to come after the fine.

You can really reap the benefits of fighting your violation if you put some effort into it. Your insurance rates won't be affected by a $400 speeding ticket, for example, because a $125 equipment violation is much less costly. A "trial by declaration," which you might have the option of pursuing if you received the speeding ticket in another town, can often result in dismissal of the case, because police officers must provide written rebuttals, which are often overlooked.

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