If a ticket is dismissed is it on your record

If a ticket is dismissed is it on your record

Does a speeding ticket that has been dismissed by the court have any record that I had one or is it truly gone?

There was an allegation that you committed a violation. When court proceedings were held you were presumed innocent, the matter was dismissed, and the matter was thrown out of court. Transcripts of driving records show only convictions, but since you are not convicted (found guilty), this will not appear on your driving record.

However, your driver's license record won't appear as a conviction, so the record shouldn't disappear entirely.

Although the original record of the citation will probably be kept by the local police department. According to the “all police contacts” database at my former department, the citation was still listed in the database for the area departments. The citation won't note whether a conviction was gained or not. As well as the citation and case on file with the local court clerk, records such as the final resolution of the case are kept there as well.

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