How to Fight a School Zone Camera Speeding Ticket

How to Fight a School Zone Camera Speeding Ticket

Traffic tickets in school zones are not fun or pleasant, especially if the ticket was erroneously issued. If you want to avoid paying fines, seeing your insurance rates rise, and adding points to your driving record, you will need to fight a traffic ticket. The fines may be reduced if the ticket is contested.

You should pay attention to the court date and time on the ticket, as well as the precise location and alleged speed.

Your speeding ticket can be collected from the location where you received it. You can get information about school hours and zones from the school. If you received your ticket during school hours, verify whether school was in session. There are only school zones during specified times during the day when children are present. It may be possible to successfully contest your ticket if it occurred outside of these designated times.

Locate all markers indicating schools. School zones should be clearly marked so that they can be identified. If your ticket was issued with some obscure markers, take photos of those as well. When your speed was recorded, make sure that you were driving inside a school zone. A ticket that was issued due to a school zone that wasn't clearly marked could be fought.

Hire an attorney to represent you at the court date and present your evidence.

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