What are the chances of getting a Speeding Ticket Dismissed

What are the chances of getting a Speeding Ticket Dismissed

There are a wide array of cases, however most tickets are dismissed or amended before they appear on a person's driving record. In addition to the legal issues and jurisdiction, your driving record and type of violation are factors that play a role in your case. Call us and we'll provide you with a complete and honest evaluation.

Chances are ALWAYS there. There is sometimes a slim chance of that happening. The first step towards resolving your case is to appear in court. There are conflicts among police officers. They likely won't appear if they have a vacation or a felony trial the same day. Depending on your clean driving record, many states/counties offer a traffic school option, where you pay a similar amount to the fine, but avoid having your record tainted.

In some places, you can also choose "County Seat.". If a person got a ticket in Washington State, the case would be transferred to a courthouse downtown, meaning the PPD cop wouldn't have a patrol car for 4 to 6 hours...or he might get sick at the last minute, or his boss would instruct him to handle a report call, locally, so he wasn't lost for all that time.

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