What is Considered Reckless Driving

What is Considered Reckless Driving

To understand what is considered reckless driving, just take a look at your surroundings while driving. There are many drivers out there who make you feel unsafe by their style of driving such as speeding, swerving lanes, talking on the phone, etc. Now, this is a kind of reckless driving.

Driving recklessly is seen in various ways on the road. It is just another name for putting others and their belongings in danger. Though this act is more often unintentional, one will charge a ticket for it. Reckless driving can lead to a ton of danger and if you get pulled over and are ticketed for it, the fine could be more hefty than the usual speeding ticket with the reason that it could lead to an accident or even worse a crash. Reckless driving is compared to DUI, but they are very much different. read more to learn why.

Dui VS Reckless Driving

Reckless driving comes in many forms. Let’s compare the two.

Just like people confuse DUI driving and DWI driving. Likewise, they sometimes consider DUI driving as reckless driving. However, there is a lot of difference between the two.

DUI and DWI are similar in consequences. It means that both of these negligent driving types can do equal harm to the driving record of the driver. However, do not presume them to be the same.

As the name indicates DUI, driving under influence refers to driving the vehicle when the driver is in a state of unconsciousness due to alcohol consumption, drugs, and whatnot. One cannot even claim that he is taking drugs legally which means under the physician’s prescriptions. Penalties are for them as well.

Sometimes DWI refers to driving with impairment. The authorities have the right to incur that the impairment may be caused by taking drugs and alcohol as per the traffic violation laws of Washington states.

On the other hand, driving recklessly indicates extra efficiency and driving in an extreme hurry. However, both can do unimaginable harm to your driving license. So, be very careful when on the road.

Comparison of Penalties

DUI has huge penalties in comparison to reckless driving. Even if the accuser has a DUI case, then there are chances that it may get reduced to reckless driving. Tickets for reckless driving are far less threatening than that of DUI.

So, consulting a lawyer may reduce your case of DUI to reckless driving. He will also precisely acknowledge the differences therein between DUI vs reckless driving.

It is also possible that firstly the case of reckless driving popped up. However, after investigating deep into the matter, it may incur that the reason behind driving recklessly is driving under influence of certain substance abuses.

In such a case the prior investigation may prove to be a helping hand in reducing the penalties. Know that speeding tickets and DUI vs reckless driving tickets are entirely different scenarios. They may appear alike to some people out there. However, a consultation meeting with professional lawyers will make things easier to understand.

Actions Performed During Reckless Driving

To understand what reckless driving is, here are some of the examples that will fall under the broad umbrella of reckless driving. More commonly the following actions when committed during driving are more likely to charge a ticket. Note that speeding tickets and reckless driving are not interchangeably used terms. Let’s see how.

Here is what is considered reckless driving.

  • Stop Signs and Traffic Lights

    There are many stop signs and traffic lights on the roadside. Every driver could have read the meaning of those before coming to the road. Otherwise, violation of those signs and traffic lights either in a hurry or due to negligence will cost a ticket to the driver. It will be called a ticket for reckless driving.

  • Facing Oncoming Traffic

    It is important that the driver keeps his patience and goes with the oncoming traffic. Deviating the path of his vehicle to quickly lose sight of a rush-hour will cost him a ticket for reckless driving later.

  • Entering in Prohibited Sites

    There are certain sites in the nearby regions where cars and other motor vehicles are not allowed, for the sake of maintaining the safety of pedestrians. If the driver intrudes on those sites either knowingly or unknowingly then he will be charged for it.

  • Dangerous Traffic Maneuvers

    Performing various dangerous traffic maneuvers will not just cost the ticket for reckless driving. It will also cost the precious life of someone else, the penalty for it will be even greater. Drifting apart from your lane for reaching far is also one of the maneuvers performed on the roads.

  • Speed and Reckless Driving

    There is a lot of difference between a speeding ticket and a reckless driving ticket. A normal speeding ticket will not have that many strict penalties as reckless driving more often has. A speeding ticket can be paid easily but you have to appear in front of the court in case of receiving a ticket for reckless driving.

    Although the speed alone is not referred to as reckless driving there is a certain speed limit for every state. These limits vary from one country to another. Thus, driving faster than the posted speed limit will cast you a ticket for reckless driving.

Consequences of Reckless Driving

Consequences of Reckless Driving

The consequences of reckless driving are numerous and prove to be deadly to other passersby. Although some of those consequences are known to most people while others are known only to professionals such as lawyers.

Sometimes the driver is arrested and has to spend time in jail if the consequences of this abominable act are dreadful. More commonly the driver has only been subjected to bear jail when he is convicted of a DUI driving case.

Other times, the law of state implores to suspend the driving license of the driver. There are chances that the authorities will take hold of the driver’s vehicle. Moreover, charging him some points on the record of his driving is also one of the rules of the state.

Otherwise, charging fines in the form of tickets for reckless driving are obvious.

  • Reckless Driving No Less Than a Crime

    As it is stated many times that every state has its own rules and regulations in pursuit of a specific driving ticket. As far as the reckless driving ticket is concerned in the Washington states then it purely is a crime.

    While driving in Washington states if you have ever received a ticket for reckless driving then that ticket will fine you up to $5000. There are chances of suspending the license for no less than thirty days.

  • License Suspension

    In Washington states the license is sure to be suspended after the driver has committed such an abominable crime. Since the statute has the authority to dismiss the license. So, the judge has no authority to decrease the fine or whatsoever the relaxation may grant.

    The time taken by the suspension of license after the driver is convicted of reckless driving is almost 45 to 60 days.

    If in case, you want your license back then you need to take on an insurance policy named SR-22. That insurance policy will be for three years. Know that it is a bit costly than other insurance policies.

  • Immigration Consequences

    The rules vary for citizens and non-citizens. If you are not a citizen of the United States then there are chances of deportation from the U.S. do not forget that it is true for immigration consequences which a driver has to face after committing such an abominable act.

Fighting Against Reckless Driving

Almost every driver tries to fight against the ticket issued for reckless driving. It is also quite a lot better to do so than just paying for a ticket. Sometimes, the fault is not the driver’s, and it is only lawyers and professionals who can figure out such minor facets.

The lawyer will investigate the actual matter and then fight on the behalf of the driver. Thus, giving the driver a winning edge while fighting for a ticket.

Here is how to fight against reckless driving:

  • Claiming to Be a Bad Driver

    The term reckless driving is self-explanatory. However, to fight the ticket for reckless driving, one can claim that what he did was not reckless driving but just a form of rash or bad driving. If you have not entered any prohibited sites for vehicles such as parks and garden facilities, then you can claim that you never did reckless driving. Since it does not have an impact on the safety of other people. Thus, there is a chance that your ticket may get dismissed.

    The threshold needed to be subjected as a reckless driver includes being negligent of the surroundings, passing too fast from along another vehicle to go farther from it, and could not apprehend the next movement of your car so taking turns in a wrong manner and whatnot.

  • Distracted Driver

    The driver can also complain that the driver of the vehicle was distracted. The person who drives poorly when distracted becomes more unaware of the risks associated with driving. The driver can claim that the reason behind receiving a distracted ticket was that he was not mentally present due to various other work pressure and personal life issues. The absent-mindedness of the driver due to some valid reason or any stressful situation may result in getting the ticket dismissed.

  • Unreliable Radar

    The most common claim a driver can put forward was that the gun which captured the driver, and the vehicle are not reliable. However, the radar gun is only blamed when reckless driving is only associated with being a bit speedy.

    The reading that records the driver’s reckless speed will be claimed in such a situation. One can claim that the officer was not proficient enough to record the accurate speed. Thus, making the speed record invalid for the case and is not reliable.

  • The Need of An Hour

    What is reckless driving is sometimes the need for an hour. Without it, the driver would have done more harm than good to others as compared to the harm he did to his driving record due to reckless driving. If the driver has a good enough reason to be reckless at that time, then the ticket for reckless driving may get dismissed with no objection on the case.

    The driver in such a situation agrees that he has driven the vehicle recklessly, but he has no other alternative left with him. The situation may be when any spy was chasing the driver and, on the verge, to kill him. So, he tried his level best to flee from that place and thus thought of bearing the consequences of reckless driving.

    Moreover, when there is an emergency, and someone’s life is in danger. So, he had to reach the destination as much faster as he could.

  • The Help of Reckless Driving Attorney

    No matter what the situation is, it is always in the interest of the drivers to consult a reckless driving attorney. He will then fight against reckless driving tickets as per the client’s wishes and the expert advice from his side.

    There are many trustworthy firms out there who are professional to work with great lawyers. The above stances when put forward in consultation with the lawyer will have more weightage. Do not forget that the ticket for reckless driving will not only affect your driving record but many other important correspondences in between.

    The lawyer will deeply analyze all the situation and then put forward the notions that to fight against reckless driving tickets. One may get confused between DUI vs reckless driving, but a lawyer never will.

    You will never regret hiring one for your cause.

Final Thoughts

When the word reckless driving appears on a ticket, the ticket fighter usually thinks about their driving speeds. Other people feel as if they drove under the influence. However, this is not always the case. There is a clear difference between DUI vs reckless driving, and a lawyer will make both terms more comprehensible for their client. Consequences of reckless driving are enormous and at times life threatening. So, while fighting for reckless driving, it is advisable to take expert advice and then act accordingly to dismiss that. If you are in need of help to fight a speeding ticket, DUI, or auto accident of any kind, go to myticketdismissed.com to find expert help.

If you have any questions or need help with your Traffic Ticket, DUI, DWI, Criminal Case, Auto Accident or any other related questions, just give us a call at 425-278-9922 or email us at ken@myticketdismissed.com.

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