How to beat a Camera Speeding Ticket in Washington State

How to beat a Camera Speeding Ticket in Washington State

Fighting a camera speeding tickets in the state of Washington can be intimidating for some. Some people prefer to send a check in the mail because they do not believe they will win in court, or they consider it too complicated.

This fact is used by Washington court systems to give you the choice to "mitigate" your ticket, knowing that our laws are actually in favor of most Washington motorists. If they did not have this option, they would be fighting (and probably beating) the ticket in court. The state hopes that this option will reduce the number of people fighting (and beating) the ticket in court.

There is no universally applicable guide to beating speeding tickets since each state has its own speeding laws and procedures. We will provide you with information relevant to beating almost any speeding ticket issued in the State of Washington. This guide will help you navigate the Washington State legal system.

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