False Car Accident claim against me

False Car Accident claim against me

You just had a minor auto accident. You are not injured, and it seems that neither is the other driver. There was nothing wrong with what you did. Several weeks later, you learn that the other driver has filed a personal injury claim against your company and against you.

It is not uncommon for people to act before fully assessing a situation. Some people are victimized by insurance fraud. There are cases where people exaggerate the extent of their injuries as part of their insurance claim. Perhaps you have even seen a case of full-scale fraud - an accident that was staged for the purpose of creating a personal injury claim. It is important to remain calm if you believe that an auto accident claim is false, and to understand your rights and responsibilities.

It's obvious that not all car accidents are scams. The majority of accidents are simply that-accidents. However, you should still be on the lookout for scams or exaggerated injury claims. Legal protection begins as soon as possible after an accident.

Obviously, getting immediate medical attention for yourself or anyone on the scene is always the priority. Despite the fact that no one appears to be injured, you should still call and ask the police to investigate. As a matter of fact, if someone protests your decision to call, that may be your first indication that something is amiss.

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