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Fight your Traffic Ticket in Bellevue, Seattle, TacomaKen Tsiprin an award winning attorney

Traffic, Speeding Tickets in Seattle area
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DUI / DWI in Seattle area
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Our success rate 99%

based on historical performance for traffic tickets

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Ken Tsiprin will help you get you ticket Dismissed

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MyTicketDismissed works with multiple lawyers in Washington State.

We work in all counties in Washington State and can help you get your ticket dismissed. Our clients from Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland, Olympia, Everett and other areas are raving about our service.

Our top dog attorney in charge is Ken Tsiprin. He is an award winning lawyer based out of Bellevue Washington. He is the lead on all cases and personally reviews each and every one. Some cases that can not be handled by his office are assigned to other top lawyers in Washington State.

If you have a traffic ticket, auto accident, or DUI criminal law case, click here to Fight My Ticket or you can contact Ken Tsiprin directly at ken@myticketdismissed.com or 425-278-9922.

  • 300+Active Cases
  • 10,000+Total Cases
  • $200Flat Price

All traffic cases are a flat price of $200 excluding DUIs, accidents, and a few others. Please call Ken Tsiprin at 425-278-9922 about pricing for more complicated cases.

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