How To Fight Traffic Tickets, DUI, Auto Accidents In Redmond

How To Fight Traffic Tickets, DUI, Auto Accidents In Redmond

Due to the often-devious nature of insurance companies when it comes to carrying out legal obligations, it is essential that you seek advice for auto accidents, DUI charges, and traffic tickets in Redmond whenever you have an accident. Doing this will ensure that you can receive adequate compensation commensurate with all the difficulties and obstacles you have experienced.

Insurance companies are always trying to maximize their profits, forcing them to find ways to pay as little as possible by using tricks and tricks to get you to sign a release form to limit your receipt of compensation. In most situations, the money these companies pay you will usually not be enough to cover medical expenses. Not to mention the other financial damage you incur, such as loss of income or even emotional trauma. Therefore, seeking the help of a skilled and experienced attorney to deal with such cases is an essential key to getting adequate compensation.

When you are unfortunate enough to be involved in auto accidents in Redmond, being written a speeding ticket, or be arrested for DUI, you have a legal right to contest the charges. However, most insurance companies do not pay attention to this problem. They have a specially trained loss assessment team to work with you in hopes of reducing your claim or reducing the amount of cash you receive. We'll help you handle the entire process and walk you through it all until you get the best possible compensation. Ultimately, we always care and put the welfare of our customers as our top priority. Read on to find out about why hiring an attorney is so important for your case.

Auto accidents in Redmond

Auto accidents in Redmond are among the most common causes of serious personal injuries, especially in the busy roads around here. You have probably seen so many of them on the Redmond WA breaking news. There are millions of vehicles in Washington State alone. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to deal with them. It’s worth noting that you may have heard of different types of auto accidents through the Redmond police scanner, but they usually result in personal injury for drivers and passengers alike. When on the road, auto accidents often happen when someone tries to run a red light.

Some of the most common car accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Broken limbs and other serious traumas.
  • Scrapes, cuts, and bruises.
  • Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries (Keep in mind, back surgery doesn’t come cheap!)
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Facial fractures.
  • Burns.

Many auto accidents in Redmond result in personal injury and a subsequent trip to the emergency room. Sure, you will need to go to the hospital and receive medical attention, the bills can be piling up and become unaffordable. From the ambulance down to the medications you need to take, the medical costs can quickly go up beyond your capacity.

Moreover, most people completely don’t think about the need for future treatment or don’t consider the possibility of becoming disabled. These expenses can really hit you from behind while you’re unaware and cost a significant amount of money in the long term. Personal injury doesn’t only involve physical disabilities, but emotional trauma as well. Aside from extensive medical attention, grave injuries may also result in making you lose the ability to work. The best-case scenario, you will be out of commission for a short time. The worst case, you have to quit your job.

For all these reasons, you need a personal injury attorney to help you navigate your way around all these stressors, instead of just you dealing with all these on top of talks with police officers.

What to do when you get into auto accidents in Redmond?

Our attorney staff has handled a wide range of traffic accident cases from car, truck to motorcycle accidents. These cases are very different from each other through the description of the law. For example, motorcycle crashes are reported to result in serious injuries and are more likely to cause damage than other types of motor vehicle crashes. Like automobiles, victims of motorcycle accidents are legally compensated for their losses. This includes health care bills, emotional and mental harm, and even loss of income. Our attorney office always maintains a team of dedicated lawyers who can provide the right solutions for cases and injuries caused by motorbike accidents.

Our team of personal injury attorneys understands how traumatic it is to get into auto accidents in Redmond. We also understand how difficult life can get when you already have tons of problems to worry about and now have to contend with a court case to claim compensation as well.

We will find the party responsible for your involvement in auto accidents in Redmond and make sure you get the compensation you deserve to cover property damage in every sense of the word. With our long history of finding the best settlements possible in the shortest amount of time, no matter what legal obstacles that insurance companies like to put in front of you after an accident, we can help you get through them. Plus, we can get your claim settled quickly and efficiently, for a fair settlement amount.

DUI in Redmond

In the past, many people thought that it was not worth worrying about when they were driving, not sober or a little bit drunk. But times and laws have changed a lot. As the population in Washington continues to grow and as the loss of life and property caused by DUI in Redmond offenders worsens, courts in Redmond are also notorious for enacting severe penalties with the intent to alleviate this situation. Today, even though DUI is still listed as a misdemeanor, violators still get in a lot of trouble with the law. In addition, your application for US citizenship may also be affected. That's why you should be concerned about a DUI offense and your rights when charged with a DUI.

Although all California local courts are subject to the same laws, the trial for DUI charges varies widely by borough, county, court, the presiding judge, and prosecutors. In addition, the following factors can add to the crime and punishment of a driver who commits a DUI offense: the driver is underage, causes an accident with loss of property or life, has children under 14 years old are in the car, drive too fast when caught, have a blood alcohol concentration above 0.15%, have a truck driver's license, etc. In addition, fines and penalties will greatly increase for drivers who have been charged with DUI in Redmond in the past.

What you need to know is that there are many defenses for DUI in Redmond in court and before the DMV. Although the law generally states that you will be innocent until proven guilty, you still need to be vigilant when government authorities prosecute you. Because the prosecutors of the agencies that are prosecuting you are usually attorneys with many years of legal and administrative experience. Therefore, in order to maximize your protection, you should be guided and represented by a law firm experienced in arguing in court and before the DMV.

What to do when you are charged with DUI in Redmond?

If a Redmond city police officer has arrested you for driving under the influence (DUI), the general procedure for you is to take you to the Redmond police department. There, the officers will require you to take a breath test. It is common for officers to release DUI arrests after performing the breath test and completing the booking process. However, if you have violated DUI law before (being arrested for a similar offense), you may be booked into jail.

That is why hiring a Redmond DUI lawyer can greatly increase your chances of either reducing your charge or having your case dismissed entirely. You cannot afford to ignore the charge. The more you wait, the more opportunities you will lose to appeal the charges. It’s better to try than to do nothing about your charge of DUI in Redmond, isn’t it?

Our attorneys will always do our best to make sure that your legal rights are preserved. Being able to request for a reduction or dismissal of a DUI charge to lift a huge weight off your chest, indeed.

Traffic tickets in Redmond

Traffic tickets in Redmond

Getting written traffic tickets in Redmond is troublesome, but more than that, it can ultimately cost you quite an amount of money in the long terms. Traffic tickets in Redmond and traffic infractions will require you to pay expensive fines. Not only that, when your insurance company catches wind of your violation, they will skyrocket your insurance premiums for years to come. Therefore, it is advisable that you fight traffic tickets, especially if you feel like you didn’t deserve one in the first place.

While you can defend your cases of traffic tickets in Redmond any time, success in negotiating a dismissal and reduction isn’t always guaranteed. This is because the Redmond Municipal Court is only interested in a defense based on complicated Washington traffic laws. If you plan on fighting your traffic ticket, you should seriously consider dropping our attorney staff a line. Your defense is built around knowledge of the law combined with experience handling it.

When a police officer issues you traffic tickets in Redmond, they must fill them out correctly and file them with the Court according to State mandated guidelines. Failure to do so constitutes grounds to dismiss the ticket. By looking into these details, your Redmond traffic attorneys can approach your defense in a legal way that the Court recognizes. Even if we can’t have your case dismissed, we will do our best to fight the violations of your driving record so that your insurance premiums remain low.

What to do when you get traffic tickets in Redmond?

Having a good attorney for traffic tickets in Bellevue can be a huge game changer for your defense. With years of experience in courtroom navigation, our team of attorneys are dedicated to leverage our expertise and mastery of legal procedures to help you fight in your traffic violation contested hearing. We can evaluate an investigation to see not only what all parties did, but also what nobody did.

We understand the know-how of courtroom politics. We know the field and the players. Our attorneys have appeared in dozens of courts in Washington and dealt with hundreds of prosecutors all over the State in the past. Our unique perspective has given us an edge over many other defense attorneys in Washington over many years working as a law consultancy office in Redmond, and in other cities in the state of Washington.

We have personally, successfully resolved hundreds of traffic ticket cases in our years of practicing the law. We are always ready to help you break down your case, identify a course of action and protect you from the consequences of a traffic violation prosecution.

The Bottom Line

Legal advice is one of the important factors contributing to creating a safe and reliable legal environment for the activities of life - society. It is our aim and duty to help our clients draft the best possible defense for their cases of auto accidents, DUI, and traffic tickets in Redmond. We will do our best to protect your rights and interests, while guiding you through the process of abiding by the laws.

With our team of seasoned attorneys, you will have a better chance of limiting the impact of your mistakes on your driving license and your future prospects, such as job seeking. Don't hesitate to contact our Redmond team today if you “drive” into any trouble with the law, yeah?

If you have any questions or need help with your Traffic Ticket, DUI, DWI, Criminal Case, Auto Accident or any other related questions, just give us a call at 425-278-9922 or email us at

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