How much does CLC cost

How much does CLC cost

Your lawyer may charge you differently depending on the type of case. Therefore, it is imperative that you find this out before you hire a lawyer. Before making a decision, you should also compare the charges of two or more different firms.

CLC Practices will charge you the following legal fees for their work for you:

Fees charged by CLC Practice ('fees'). Our practice charges you this fee for doing business on your behalf. CLC Practice may charge a fee that varies according to the complexity of the case or the length of time required to handle it;

Involuntary payments made for your benefit by the CLC Practice to other parties (sometimes called disbursements). CLC Practice does not have direct control over the amount of these charges, so the amount rarely varies greatly from one transaction to another. Land registration fees, searches conducted by local authorities, and environmental searches are examples of disbursements.

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