How to beat a Photo Speeding Ticket

How to beat a Photo Speeding Ticket

A notice appears in your mail telling you that you have been caught speeding or running a red light. Several hundred dollars are now being demanded from you because the camera captured your car and license plate. Many jurisdictions across the country have an uneasy or controversial relationship with traffic cameras, however - for example, in Washington State, you can simply disregard a red-light camera ticket without penalty, so you may be able to contest your ticket more easily than you think.

Check the ticket's date, time, and location. You need to make sure you were actually driving the car when the ticket was issued since camera tickets are sent to the car's owner, not to the driver.

  • To prove you were driving at that time and place, the prosecutor must generally prove you were there. A person who borrows your car cannot be prosecuted.
  • In some states, such as New York, red-light camera tickets work like parking tickets, where registered owners rather than drivers are held responsible. If you received the ticket in an area with red light laws, make sure to check them out.
  • You can have a look at the scene from your car and try to recreate what was happening at the time, and write down any details you recall. For instance, if you were driving, try and remember what you were doing at the time. A camera may have taken the photo while you were making a legal right turn on red. Your ticket should be dismissed if you made a legal maneuver.

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