How to beat a Speeding Ticket in Washington State

How to beat a Speeding Ticket in Washington State

The act of fighting Washington state speeding tickets can be overwhelming for some. Many people simply mail a check, either because they feel like they can't win in court or because it will be too much trouble.

The Washington state courts rely on this fact, knowing that our laws are actually set in favor of the majority of Washington drivers, so they give you the option to mitigate on the back of your ticket. This option is there to tempt people to pay a reduced fee (easy money for the state), who would otherwise be fighting (and probably winning) the fine in court.

The first steps in successfully fighting a fine begin at the time of citation. If you are reading this because you have already received a ticket, this will be of little help, but still good information.

  • Stop safely. Use your turn signals and slow down quickly (but not so fast that the officer has to slam on the brakes). Parking in a nearby parking lot, if there is one, will earn the officer points. Traffic cops are constantly in danger of being run over by passing cars; doing everything you can to reduce the chances of this happening can only work in your favor.
  • Never admit guilt. The police officers know why they detained you and they don't care if you know, because they are going to tell you. The reason they ask is in the hope that you will say something like "Yes, officer, I'm sorry I accelerated" and give them a lame excuse. This is a costly mistake that will be on the report. Once you have admitted guilt, you will have no chance of getting over a speeding ticket in court.
  • Make yourself forgettable. Be courteous, stick together, and be cooperative. Many times this will avoid a fine in the first place, but if it doesn't, then you want the officer to completely forget about you. This will decrease the likelihood that they will appear in court, and if they do, it will be more difficult for them to remember specific details.

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