How to Dispute a Car Accident Fault

How to Dispute a Car Accident Fault

It is generally assumed that the person who caused the accident in these cases should take full responsibility. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. There are factors that can identify multiple people as responsible in a car accident. These are some of the factors.

  • One of the drivers was driving behind the other too close. If following too closely influenced the outcome of the accident, that driver could share responsibility with the driver responsible for the first accident.
  • One or more controllers did not use their directional correctly. Turn signals and brake lights inform and alert drivers of the actions of others on the road. If one of the drivers did not use a turn signal or their brake lights were not working, this is also considered.
  • One or more of the drivers violated traffic laws. Speeding, lane misuse, not obeying traffic signals, and reckless driving can all contribute to a chain accident.
  • One or more drivers were distracted. The overwhelming majority of car accidents are related to distracted drivers. The use of cell phones, tablets and other technologies can distract the driver's attention from the road. This may be the determining factor in whether the driver can avoid a collision.
  • The local government did not maintain roads, signs or traffic signals properly. Some chain accidents occur because of confusion when a sign is missing, a light is not working, or the roads are in poor condition.

The weather and the acts of God can be the cause of some accidents. When this happens, every driver involved may be found free of liability. Medical conditions can also be the cause of an accident and it is unfair to blame someone who lost consciousness due to a stroke or attack of any nature, including those to the heart. In these special cases, no one is at fault and the matter is resolved through each person's insurance company.

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