First Speeding Ticket in Washington State

First Speeding Ticket in Washington State

Defending against first speeding tickets in Washington State can be a daunting task for some. There are many people who simply send a check in the mail because they think they won't win in court, or it will be too much trouble.

Regardless of this, they offer you the option to "mitigate" on the back of your ticket knowing that our laws are designed to benefit most Washington drivers. Those who would otherwise fight (and probably beat) the ticket in court are given this option to tempt them to pay a reduced fee (easy money for the state).

When you go into a court for DUI in Washington State, you can save hundreds of dollars by using the same tools and knowledge that the best criminal defense lawyers use.

Speeding tickets and other traffic citations are handled differently by each state, making it impossible to provide you with a universal guide to battling them. We have provided you with the resources necessary to beat almost any speeding ticket you receive in Washington State.

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