What does ARAG Legal cover

What does ARAG Legal cover

ARAG is an insurer specialized in legal defense, with policies adapted to both individuals and companies. Its strong point is also travel insurance, which includes basic, cancellation, international and Schengen, among others. As we have already advanced, ARAG is a leader in legal defense insurance, offering protection and solving cases in relation to this issue.

The legal expenses insurance from ARAG intendeds to protect you from any legal problem such that you can think of. Although there are several policies that have coverage of this type, the insurer prefers to offer unique policies given the many issues for which you may need the services of a lawyer.

The travel insurance ARAG are put up all kinds of displacements and, more importantly, for the current health crisis, covering medical care in case of coronavirus contract and cancellation fees for being positive or positive PCR of a relative, up to the contracted limit.

In addition to those mentioned, the company also has a homeowner's community insurance and insurance for the self-employed and SMEs, in which they offer legal advice, claiming contracts and clients for lawsuits and legal protection for administrative matters.

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