How to Fight Camera Speeding Tickets

How to Fight Camera Speeding Tickets

Have you just passed a camera with relatively faster speed? Are you afraid of receiving a camera speeding ticket? If yes! Then you are at the right place. Notice of intended prosecution and the fixed penalty when finding its way to you can be fought with the help of the best professional services in town.

The very first thought popping in the minds of drivers, after receiving a speeding ticket from a camera is how to beat speed camera tickets? It is imperative to say that receiving a ticket for excessive speeding is considered an abominable act.

Here we will explore it!

Receiving a Speed Camera Ticket

Cameras are found alongside roads deployed by the city/department of the police. Any person passing along the camera at a higher speed than as posted under the traffic laws will get an infraction or camera speeding ticket. The ticket is mailed to the address of the vehicle owner.

After receiving the ticket, the process of documentation and signature is not required. However, the driver of the vehicle violating the traffic rules is instructed to submit the amount of the fine payable. The amount may go up to $250 on average. The amount for the ticket varies between $50-$2500.

The sole purpose of installing cameras at specific locations is to limit the speed and to reduce accidents in everyday routines. There are areas in the nearby regions that have schools alongside the road. The government is playing its role in ensuring the safety of the students, such that they can easily walk by without causing any injury.

How To Beat a Speed Camera?

After the ticket has been received there arise tons of questions hovering over your mind that remain unanswered.

One may question himself as a driver if they were really speeding or if the picture taken by the speed camera could be mistaken for another car. Then you may start questioning the location and if you have ever been there on this road? You may also think about other friends and family members who may have taken your car out on that road, at that time when the speeding ticket was issued.

1. Look Closely into Your Jurisdiction

The answer to the questions above is in your authority. If the speeding ticket is not your fault, then it may get dismissed, although the rules and law vary from one state to another.

Let’s shed some light on the possibility if you are based in Washington State. You do not need to take the time for proving your cause, you just need to claim that the driver of that vehicle, at the time was not you. Camera speeding tickets have to be solved, but if you keep ignoring them and never end up paying the fee, there could be much worse consequences than a average fine for speeding.

The Washington law also does not dictate the local authorities to trace the true offender with the picture captured by the camera. However, the state themselves has a right to investigate the matter and then come up with the possibilities.

Again, the procedure varies from country to country. It is more likely that another country has jotted down in their rules to trace the offender with the picture taken. There may be no relaxation for the owner of the car, even if he was not driving.

2. Strategies for Beating Camera Speeding Tickets

It is not always that the above-mentioned exceptions are there. Sometimes, the driver himself was found guilty of the act. Then what should you do? How to beat a speed camera ticket?

In such a case a driver needs to be responsible and by taking responsibility, either pay for the fine with no question or hire a professional lawyer to help fight your case alongside you. If you decide to hire a professional lawyer, it is quite possible that you working with them can lead to you beating off your camera speeding ticket to result in no insurance premiums, no excessive fees, and no trace of the fine on your record .

  • Know the Timings

    Timings play a very important role in such accidental events. Not all cameras are operating at all times of day and night in a region. This will become one of the strengths of the offender and the weakness of state laws.

    There are many schools in every region hence, the cameras are not supposed to be operating at places where there is a zone designated for schools. Furthermore, there are some specific time slots in which cameras need to operate efficiently and otherwise possible.

    The question may arise whether the camera was operating or not? The state will then refund millions of tickets when the fault lies at the end of the higher authorities and not local people.

  • Presence of Appropriate Signage

    The presence of appropriate signage is a must. Otherwise, it marks negligence at the end of the state and the local people will easily beat the speeding camera tickets by taking into account of this fact. Any signage found in any zone of the region must comply with the safety standards as issued by the federal government bodies.

    On the contrary, the public will stand and argue about the signage that was placed there but are not according to the prescribed laws of the state.

    Many drivers claim that the roadside boards with the mentioned speed limits on them are not there. Hence, they are not aware of the maximum speed limit at that location. In such a case a default speed limit is considered as an understood factor by all the license holders out there.

  • Mitigating Camera Speeding Ticket

    Mitigating a camera speeding ticket may reduce the fine for you but it will throw a confirmation call in the court that you have committed a crime. However, one must do so. Nevertheless, it is good to do so. The court will surely hear your concern, but it will not dismiss the camera speeding ticket fully.

    In case of complete dismissal, the proper help of a professional lawyer is needed. In the Washington state, the judges have the authority to mitigate the fine. However, if the driver has just crossed the school zone and passed by a bus by heavily speeding then these are considered exceptional cases. The judge does not have the authority to lessen fines occurred on such abominable acts.

3. Knowing More About Laws of the State

Those who have a profound understanding of the laws of their state could easily beat camera speeding tickets. The procedure to appeal for this course of action, when apprehended by the vehicle owner themselves, will point out any mistake made by the odds.

Take, for instance, a man who pointed out the fact that the statement for this abominable act submitted in the court is said to be true, but with no declaration of facts.

It is worth mentioning that the law of state claims for submitting an affidavit in the court for the sake of facts. Otherwise, the refund of the ticket will take place.

Why Beat Speed Cameras

Why Beat Speed Cameras?

When there are legal advisors and attorneys then why beat speed cameras? Such professionals are just one call away! They are eager to serve the community by standing within the boundaries of the rules and laws.

Beating speed camera tickets with the above-discussed techniques may not feel like enough to many. However, it is for those people, to know that defending your ticket in court under the strict enforcement of laws is not a piece of cake. You must bear with dates and trials.

It is more likely that the court will reserve your vehicle with them till the date final verdict arrives. The offender when found guilty in-camera of committing this act will have to give proof of his innocence in front of the court. It may sound easy, but it is not.

Why You Should Consider Your Options Before Immediately Paying a Speed Camera Ticket?

One should never pay his speed camera ticket immediately. Yes! You heard it right. Many of those tickets may not be a crime committed by you. Despite all the advancements in technology. It is imperative to say that chances of errors are always there.

There is a probability that the camera has captured the wrong driver or the wrong car. However, if the car and the person are right when the speed camera captures your picture, then the timings may not be correct.

No matter what the reason behind camera speeding tickets could be, it is the job of the attorney to figure out all the minor inaccuracies that can probably occur. So, instead of brainstorming over your situation, hand it to a professional and let him do the rest for you.

The lawyer may act as an advisor by leading you to follow the procedure to seek defense from camera speeding tickets cases.

Here it is explained below!

How To Fight a Speed Camera Ticket?

To fight a camera speeding ticket in consultation with the attorney is the best choice one could ever make. Most people prefer to just pay the fine and let it go, but on the other side, others want to proceed with all the legal work possible to avoid paying for the fine and to avoid having the ticket on their driving record.

Sometimes, it is in the interest of the drivers to just submit the fine for the ticket, while other times it is worth fighting camera speeding tickets.

Let’s see how to pursue the fight for camera speeding tickets.

  • Fighting Camera Speeding Ticket in Court

    Fighting speeding tickets in the court may be pursued by mentioning many loopholes in the technology administered by the state. This is for the sake of refraining from paying the amount due for the ticket. It is worth mentioning that doing all such efforts on your own is quite tiring and time-consuming so, one may go hiring a legal advisor for this purpose.

    Fighting camera speeding tickets are worth hiring an attorney at times. Imagine a situation in which the camera speeding ticket comes with a lot of other penalties alleged on the driver. To mitigate those penalties, an attorney will help the client in providing the court with all the relevant justifications. There are chances that a judge will proceed quite leniently when you are taking the help of a professional.

  • Role of an Attorney

    There are many disadvantages of fighting speeding ticket alone so, to enjoy the long-term perks and benefits of services just like insurance, it is highly recommended to hire an attorney.

    An attorney plays a very crucial role in fighting camera speeding tickets for you. Since they are the professional who knows every minor detail about courts, the concerned judges, and even the traffic police officers, they will use all the information necessary to help you fight your camera speeding ticket. With the information given, it is very much in the favor of the client to follow the advice of their attorney.

    If there are some inconsistencies in court, then they will be ready to provide a counter argument to help fight with you to beat off your ticket. Such a professional will also help the client in reducing the amount payable of the fine given.

  • Determine the Cost

    Although hiring an attorney can be expensive, the outcomes are worth the money spent. There are many benefits associated with lawyers and in cases where you have a record of various traffic abuses as well, then it is the attorney who will help you find the best possible solution to help fight your case even with the circumstances given.

    Since the amount of the fee of a speeding camera ticket varies, it may exceed depending upon the area you reside in and the added penalties.

    With the information given, you should never regret hiring an attorney for your cause because their main priority is to help you fight your case and they will never quit until they get their job done.

Final Thoughts

Some drivers try their best to fight camera speeding tickets by themselves, although their situations may not allow them to do so. If you are in a situation similar to this, I would recommend you to go to to hire a professional lawyer in the Seattle area to help fight your speed camera ticket for a flat price of $200.

This article is intended to be helpful and informative, but legal matters can be complicated and stressful. A qualified traffic ticket lawyer can address your particular legal needs, explain the law, and represent you in court. Take the first step now and contact a traffic ticket lawyer to discuss your unique legal situation.

If you have any questions or need help with your Traffic Ticket, DUI, DWI, Criminal Case, Auto Accident or any other related questions, just give us a call at 425-278-9922 or email us at

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