How does Legal Ease work

How does Legal Ease work

Whenever a legal issue arises, employees need to act immediately and make the right choices in order to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Legal EASE's philosophy is to give employees the security to know that we are solving their legal problems with them. Our legal plans come with this core component that is unmatched by any other. With our features - Intake, Matching, Personal Introductions Coaching, Contact Confirmation, and Follow-up - our employees know that our professionals are working on their problems.

When an employee has a legal problem, certain infrastructure should be in place to help explain, empathetically understand, and effectively resolve the issue. This internal structural component is often missing from legal plans designed to deal with issues, expectations, and differences.

As a result, HR personnel aren't involved in explaining legal plans or assisting employees who choose the wrong attorney if they are using Legal EASE. Plans that encourage people to choose their own attorney without any help on the front end waste the HR staff's time and money.

In addition to helping thousands of people every day, we also help their families and their productivity at work. In the aftermath of a legal or financial dispute, the last thing a family member wants is more to do at work. To save their time and stress, we focus a lot on process, expectations, and comfort zones.

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