How much does a Traffic Lawyer Cost in Georgia

How much does a Traffic Lawyer Cost in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, speeding crimes are taken seriously. Courts work relentlessly to enforce speed limits. In doing so, they regularly enforce charges for those who drive over the speed limit.

Those who break the speed limit could be fined and have to pay in addition to their license points. When a driver accumulates points on their record, it can limit their career options, increase payments to cover vehicle insurance, and potentially end in license suspension. At MyTicketDismissed, our attorneys can help you mitigate the potentially destructive effects of your speeding ticket.

Most attorneys who believe a case has merit will take the case without having to pay upfront. They will take the case on a contingency basis, which means that you will receive a percentage of what is obtained, as long as you recover from your injuries. The average contingency is between 25 and 40 percent of the fees. Most attorneys charge a lower percentage if the case is resolved before the attorney does all the work necessary to go to trial. If you and your attorney agree on contingency fees, the attorney must put the agreement in writing and provide you with a signed copy. The attorney's out-of-pocket expenses, in many cases, are not included in the attorney's fees.

The amount that attorneys can charge for incidental expenses in connection with medical malpractice claims. Costs are limited to 35% of the first $ 100,000 of damages, 25% of the next $ 100,000 of damages, and 10% of the balance of awards awarded. The creditor may choose to pay the attorney's fees on a daily basis, as long as a written agreement is entered into for that purpose, at the time of contracting the services.

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