How to get a Speeding Ticket off your Record in Washington

How to get a Speeding Ticket off your Record in Washington

You're likely to be fined, hire a lawyer, take defensive driving class, or pay an "administrative fee" when you're caught speeding. Or all of them, perhaps.

A points system is used by many states to track driver records. The DMV receives notification of any moving violations you commit at fault and adds points to your record. There will be a different number of points for different states and types of infractions.

You might be wondering what you can do if you recently received a speeding ticket in order to not have it affect your driving record and insurance rates. There are several options available to you, some of which allow you to keep points off your license and prevent your insurance company from even knowing you were pulled over. You have different options depending on where you live.

In order to have your ticket removed from your record, you have few options. A ticket that you believe was incorrectly issued can be challenged in court. If you think you have a strong case, it can be worth trying, but there's no guarantee the ticket will be dropped. A speeding ticket can also be taken off your record by attending driving school. If it were up to you, you could ask the court clerk or prosecutor if they would consider it a non-moving violation.

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