Affidavit for red light camera ticket

Affidavit for red light camera ticket

If one of several statutory exemptions applies to your situation, you may prepare and submit a sworn affidavit to the address shown on the notice of red light camera ticket. A motor vehicle may be exempt from this requirement if all of the following conditions are met: (1) you yielded to an emergency vehicle or were part of a funeral processional, or (2) you violated an intersection following law enforcement instructions, or (3) that your vehicle was in someone else's care or control at the time of the incident, or (4) that a uniform traffic ticket (ticket) was issued by a law enforcement agency to the driver of the motor vehicle shown in the notice. In addition to being notarized, the affidavit must also be sworn.

You must provide the name, address, date of birth, and driver's license number of the person you claim was driving your automobile if you assert that the vehicle was in someone else's care, custody, and control. Those named in the affidavit will receive a uniform traffic ticket.

It is a requirement that an affidavit include a copy of a police report showing that your vehicle was stolen. Infidel allegations must be supported by an Affidavit for the uniform traffic citation that has been issued to the driver.

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