How to Fight a Camera Speeding Ticket in Ontario

How to Fight a Camera Speeding Ticket in Ontario

When it comes to traffic violations, speeding is one of the most prevalent. Everyone driving a car, according to the law, has to obey established speed limits.

A speeding ticket might not seem like a serious offense at first glance, but the consequences can be disappointing - up to $1,000 in fines, up to 6 demerit points, and substantially inflated insurance rates.

You can do it two ways:

  • You can hire a speeding lawyer to do the fighting for you.
  • Defend your ticket on your own in court.

A speeding ticket attorney is your best option as a first step (as mentioned above). Compared to just going to court on your own, this fact alone will greatly increase your chances of winning.

You may be able to recoup your investment (both time and money) a hundredfold if you hire a lawyer to fight your speeding ticket.

In Ontario, we work with only the best speeding ticket lawyers, former police officers, and former prosecutors. Please do not worry if this is your first time - we'll be able to help you!

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